Pivots, Praise and Lessons Learned from 2020

2020 was a year to remember. The Guidefi Team wanted to take a moment to celebrate the progress, the pivots, and accomplishments and share our most impactful lessons from this tumultuous year. In 2020, we were able to mark Guidefi’s first full year of operations and we are super excited about the progress we have made as an organization.

2020 Guidefi Highlights:

  • Seedspot Social Impact Accelerator Participant
  • Received first angel investment
  • Dooney Fund Grant Recipient
  • Press mentions in Forbes, DC Inno, Technical.ly
  • Fintech Equality Coalition Founding Member, Executive Steering Committee member

Memorable 2020 customer moments included helping a family of four recover financially from a COVID related job loss and supporting a widowed retiree as she sorted through her fund payout options to leave a financial legacy for her only son.

Despite the uncertainty of the global pandemic, and the racial unrest across the United States, our team was able to stay laser focused on its mission of closing the racial and gender wealth gap. We are proud of our progress to date and offer these four lessons which served as our North Star this year.

  • We learned to practice attitudes of gratitude. As a team, we have so much to be grateful for. We are grateful for the health and safety of our immediate families, the health care heroes in our families and around the country,and the countless other professionals working to eradicate the Coronavirus. Early in the pandemic, it became clear that the simple ability to get anything done amidst the ongoing chaos was a true blessing. Because of this, we set milestones and timelines for important deliverables, yet extended ourselves grace if those timelines could not be met. 
  • 2020 confirmed that time is our most precious resource. Despite being a financial services organization, which helps people manage their money and build wealth, 2020 confirmed for us that TIME is our most precious resource. As a result, we are walking into 2021 with an even greater sense of urgency and a more intentional focus on time prioritization. 
  • Health is wealth. Prioritizing our team’s mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness has been a key success factor this year. In order to do this we have integrated conversations about fitness and overall wellness into our staff meetings. Our Founder, Charlene Fadirepo re-discovered a love of running this year and Chief Engagement Officer Rachelle McCoy has been working on strength training and her overall wellness. We hope to continue our commitment to health and wellness into next year. 
  • Racial justice is a business imperative. Guidefi is a Black owned and Black woman led financial services organization that has been designed with racial justice at its core. In fact the historic inequities faced by communities of color across the wealth management industry has prompted the very need for our organization. The racial turmoil of 2020 encouraged corporations across the country —especially those within the financial services industry to learn, clarify and solidify their position on racial justice and align those positions with significant financial commitments. We celebrate this renewed sense of focus from Corporate America. We are proud to continue the fight for racial justice through economic empowerment in the work that we do every day. And as  founding members of the Fintech Equality Coalition, we are committed to using our voices and platform to drive wealth equity and financial inclusion for American families.

2020 took our team, through the fire, to the limit and to the wall. And through that fire, we learned that we are much stronger and more resilient than we could have imagined. Thank you to all of the mentors, friends, confidants, cheerleaders and for your continued support of Guidefi. 

Our best is yet to come. 

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