Guidefi is committed to driving a more inclusive financial ecosystem through the following measures:

We plan to continue this ongoing commitment by expanding these initial measures over time.


Guidefi was built on the deep core belief that everyone deserves access to affordable financial services. But we know that everyone does not have access right now.

Many members of the Black community have had limited access to fair and affordable financial services for hundreds of years. The financial services industry was designed with a legacy of systemic racism evidenced by centuries of predatory banking practices and discriminatory bank regulations. So it is no surprise that these factors have led to massive economic inequality across the Black community.

Thankfully, we believe the financial services industry can be redesigned. At Guidefi, we are imagining a financial ecosystem that is as inclusive and diverse as the population it serves.


Guidefi is and will remain Black woman-led.


The Guidefi Advisor Network features a significant number of financial advisors, coaches, and counselors from the Black community. We plan to continue this commitment to supporting financial professionals of color.


We are committed to increasing financial literacy and financial capability levels across the Black community.


Our current investors and any future investors must demonstrate a history of impactful commitment to Black Founders.